Eliminate Beer Line Contamination Risk

Brewmaster next to clean brewery tanks

Today‚Äôs beer styles are complex. Why? What happened to good old American lagers which were invented in the very late 1800s and epitomized in the very early 1900s? These eminently drinkable lagers became household staples but currently appear to be losing some momentum from previous loyal consumers. Supplementing such iconic brands means appealing to new consumer tastes and, with that, we are now seeing all manner of different beer styles, such as Hazy and Juicy IPAs, sour beers, fruited beers, and beers which might carry an elevated level of solids not seen in the previous pilsner styles mentioned. With that, there is certainly an increased risk for beer lines when these beers are on tap as it is obviously imperative to keep those beer lines clean. Additionally, beer vessel cleanliness such as brewing, fermentation and aging vessels and pumps also becomes vitally important. 

This is the reason why your friends at Draftec felt the need to introduce Master BrewTec, the strongest vessel cleaner in the business. With 34% caustic and an optimized surfactant, chelating, and wetting agent package, biofilms, beer stone, and any mineral deposits are quickly and efficiently lifted away to ensure the brewing vessels and associated brewing equipment are sparkling clean with no risk for subsequent biological contamination thus providing clean beer as the brewmaster intended!

AC Technologies - Clean Once, Clean Right!

A free sample of Draftec's beer line cleaner is available for professional line cleaners and beer distributors. To request a sample, please email us at info@draftec.com or call us at (888) 226-8228.