All Beer Line Cleaners are not Created Equal

Being in the Brewing Industry we like to think of ourselves as fun-loving but serious people, and we respect the innovative products which are currently in the marketplace. These new products excite the consumer and educate their palates such as East Coast IPAs or Hazy or Juicy IPAs or the current trend towards sour beers. We applaud these innovations, and we are very happy for the consumer, particularly when these products can be enjoyed on tap.

Clean beer on tap

However, from time to time, we tend to get very sad, especially when we encounter beer lines which are not as clean as they could or should be. A case in point was one account which we met where the beer lines had just been cleaned and, indeed, looked visibly clean to the eye. When we re-cleaned these visibly clean beer lines again using Draftec Beer Line Cleaner, we were astonished to see all sorts of debris coming out of the freshly-cleaned lines. Obviously, this was not what the brewmaster intended as the brewmaster expects his/her products to be clean and served in a clean manner, no matter what! So this got us thinking.

Beer line cleaners are generally (but not always!) comprised of caustic soda, surfactants, wetting and chelating agents. A correctly formulated beer line cleaner will have high caustic strength, so if it is not getting the line to be sparkling clean, one might assume that the caustic strength could be a factor. Sometimes it is, and a higher caustic strength might help. However, the beer line cleaner cannot adequately clean the line if the surfactant package is out of balance, regardless of caustic strength.

AC  Technologies takes pride in never compromising any aspect of its flagship beer line cleaner, Draftec. AC Technologies always has the highest strength pure caustic in Draftec and a balanced proprietary surfactant package with the very best chelating and wetting agents. Yes, it costs us a little more but to know that the consumer is always able to enjoy the beer on tap the way that the brewmaster intended makes it all worthwhile and makes us happy again!

AC Technologies - Clean Once, Clean Right!

A free sample of Draftec's beer line cleaner is available for professional line cleaners and beer distributors. To request a sample, please email us at or call us at (888) 226-8228.