Safety googles for beer line cleaning

Companies are responsible for proper training of manpower and the mandatory use of safety equipment (gloves and goggles) when cleaning beer lines and breweries. It is strongly suggested that a company program be in place to protect your company and employees. Make your management aware. Have your management consult your insurance company or your personnel department to implement a program suited to your needs.

Remember to clean properly; the chemical concentration used is critical.

Brewers Association recommends these 4 PRECAUTIONS to ensure safety

1 – Diluting

When diluting chemical concentrate, always add the chemical to water first and never add water to the chemical. Adding water to concentrated caustic chemical can cause a rapid increase in temperature.

2 – Protection

Personal protection equipment including rubber gloves and eye protection should be used whenever handling line cleaning chemicals.

3 – Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Cleaning solution suppliers offer Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on their products. Cleaning personnel should have these sheets and follow their procedures while handling line cleaning chemicals.

4 – Training

Cleaning personnel should be well trained in handling hazardous chemicals


Download Draftec Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

Download Master BrewTec Safety Data Sheet:

Download MBS Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

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