Clean Beer

Clean beer with barrel

From recipes to supermarkets to cafes to restaurants, the clean eating trend seems to be everywhere these days, including "clean beer". Eating (and drinking) “clean” is gaining traction and even celebrities have become fans reminding us of the torturous pathways from the food’s origin to the plate. For beer, we are, perhaps, more fortunate when it comes to “clean” consumption and, particularly, because beer - the drink of moderation - has positively evolved over thousands of years, allowing "clean beer" to be achievable.

Over the past 100 years or so, where we have gained a better understanding of the science of beer, we have been able to address beer consistency in an ever more meaningful way, giving the beer consumer "clean beer" that is more true to the Brewmaster's intentions than ever. Beer is crafted in a way which takes advantage of the natural antiseptic properties of the brewing ingredients such as hops. To traditionally produce a beer, it goes through a number of purification steps in the brewhouse, during fermentation, in maturation, clarification, and even during packaging where some beers might be pasteurized. Finally, the end-product has a natural built-in antiseptic “credit”, principally from the hops and the moderate amount of alcohol present.

Nevertheless, even though we've had great advances in brewing beer, "clean beer" is not a guarantee. We must never forget that even a properly crafted beer can be compromised, where biological “enemies" can have a negative effect on our ultimate enjoyment of the product. Included in these enemies are some beer-spoilage bacteria which, if allowed to invade the beer supply chain, can have a profound, negative effect on the flavor, clarity, and foam of the beer, rendering the product as something which the Brewmaster did not intend.

Your friends at A.C. Technologies are well aware of the risks to "clean beer" and always want the consumer to experience the product as the Brewmaster intended. In fact, A.C. Technologies' mission is to clean up the draft beer in America! Our extensive and ever-expanding range of quality products, including the gold standard Draftec beer line cleaner and Master Brewers Standard tank cleaner, is totally dedicated to “clean beer”.

A.C. Technologies - Clean Once, Clean Right!

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