The Beer Clean Glass

Beer clean glasses

Beer lovers will always, understandably, expect the beer they are drinking to be safe. But they should also expect the beer on tap to be dispensed into a "beer clean" glass. After all, this is what the brewmaster intended!

So what is a "beer clean" glass? And, yes, "beer clean" is surprisingly a real term! Your friends at Draftec want you to know! At Draftec, we truly care about clean beer lines and correct beer presentation and we will always want to promote what the brewmaster intended for his or her beer. Let’s not forget that the Brewers Association reminds us that “perfectly poured beer requires a properly cleaned glass” and there are also very useful videos available, one narrated by Pete Coors, on the subject of "beer.

So let’s start with one definition of beer clean glassware as glassware which is free of soapy residues (from washing the glass), oils, grease, lipstick or any other residues which can interfere with the presentation, taste or aroma of the beer to be consumed. Remember, beer is a delicate drink and even the “hoppiest” of beers can be compromised if subjected to dirty glassware. Beer is expected to have a certain amount of foam (see our previous blog from Draftec on "Beer Bubbles") and a healthy head of foam will make the beer look and taste better. A dirty glass can and will kill the foam head. A beer clean glass will allow the foam to “lace” on the sides of the glass as the beer is being consumed.

So, how can we tell when a glass is not "beer clean"? A quick way to know is when bubbles can be seen to cling in clusters to the side of the glass in a freshly poured beer. Or, when the head of foam quickly dissipates so that the beer looks like cold tea! Obviously, this is not what the brewmaster intended.

To have beer clean glassware the following 3 bowl-steps should be used:

  1. Glassware should first be cleaned in the first bowl with clean brushes using an unscented, low-suds detergent ensuring that all parts of the glass come into contact with the brushes;

  2. The glass should then be rinsed in the second bowl using an angled heel in, heel out technique to ensure complete rinsing;

  3. This should be repeated in the third bowl which might also include a proper glass sanitizer followed by air drying the glass on a draining board to maximize airflow around and within the glass.

Why compromise the beer from a Draftec clean beer line by subsequently serving the beer in unclean glassware? Draftec - clean once, clean right!

A free sample of Draftec's beer line cleaner is available for professional line cleaners and beer distributors. To request a sample, please email us at or call us at (888) 226-8228.