Safety in Beer Line Cleaning

In our opinion, to use the old adage that we care about our customers and their safety is not taking safety far enough. Even though we express safety concerns on our website, we feel we need to update our views on this critical subject periodically. In our opinion, re-enforcing safety is the only way to keep our valued customers from any injury, however small.

Danger Caustic Wear Protective Clothing

The fact of the matter is that, when cleaning beer lines to guarantee the quality of the beer being dispensed, we are dealing with strong chemicals to remove any built-up beer stone which in turn will harbor beer spoilage microorganisms. “Clean Beer” supplied via ultra-clean lines has always been our mantra and we dare say will continue to be our mandate going forward.

Remember that to clean beer lines correctly, the correct chemical concentration is critical.

The Brewers Association recommends four precautions to ensure safety:

  1. Concentration.
    Any beer line chemical will have strict guidelines from the supplier on the correct concentration for use. These guidelines should always be followed. When diluting to the proper concentration, always add the chemical to the water first, never water to the concentrated chemical. Adding water to the concentrated chemical can cause a rapid increase in temperature, which might risk injury to the operator.

  2. Protection.
    Always use personal protection equipment (PPE), including rubber gloves and protective eye goggles whenever handling line cleaning chemicals. If unsure of what to use to ensure safety, then please contact your beer line cleaning supplier for recommendations.

  3. Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
    Cleaning solution suppliers such as Draftec always offer SDSs on their products. Cleaning personnel should have these sheets and strictly follow their procedures while handling the cleaning chemicals. Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded from the Draftec web site.

  4. Training.
    Cleaning personnel should be well-trained, which can even be re-enforced by liaison with other craft brewers. In our experience, brewers are always willing to share good safety practices since it makes the entire industry stronger and enables disciplined growth.

Let’s all be safe and responsibly celebrate what we love - the best quality clean beer!

A Quality message from your friends at Draftec!


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