The 3 Cs of Beer Line Cleaning

Since our passion for beer line cleaning has no boundaries, we thought we should remind everyone on what we call the 3 Cs of Line cleaning.

Draftec Beer Line Cleaner

1. Chemical

Our past few blogs have concentrated on why Draftec is the gold standard product for assuring pristine clean beer lines when used correctly. We have attempted to convince the reader on the honest facts regarding Draftec. We hope that through this honesty we now have many of you who have tried Draftec and have seen the spectacular results!

2. Concentration

For best results, use Draftec at a 2-3% dilution ratio depending on the condition of the beer line.

3. Contact time.

Contact time can be static, in which case we would recommend a soak time of 20 - 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can recirculate Draftec. When recirculating, we recommend circulation using a recirculation pump for 15-30 minutes.

In any case, assuming the beer lines are cleaned at the correct frequency (approximately every two weeks), the above regime will ensure sparkling clean beer so that the beer is always served as the brewmaster intended! The BA also reinforces this regime, and their quality manual (Chapter 7, page 55) can be visited using the link below!


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