Beer Bubbles

Most beer drinkers are probably going to appreciate some beer bubbles, or foam, in their beer. The foam adds to the aesthetics and proper presentation of the product and, in some beer-drinking countries such as Belgium and Germany, it is vitally important to proper beer culture.

After a beer is properly dispensed into a glass with the right amount of foam, “beading" refers to the bubbles that continue to be released from (mostly) the bottom of the glass after the beer is poured. The technical term for this kind of bubble release is called “nucleation” and the slight imperfections in the glass surface are referred to as “nucleation sites”. Carbon dioxide released through nucleation adds new bubbles replenishing the head of foam in the headspace of the glass. Eventually, however, each beer bubble will slowly pop; this allows the beer drinker to get a better appreciation of the aroma of the beer in the headspace of the glass which reinforces the desirability of the particular type of beer being enjoyed. Drinking the beer through the foam emphasizes a tactile sensation of the product as more bubbles literally burst on the tongue playing a further role in sensory perception and ultimate beer enjoyment.

Beer bubbles in a properly dispensed glass of beer.

Beer bubbles are "sexy," so why would you not want to enjoy them? While a "beer clean" glass is vitally important to proper beer presentation (and will be the subject of a later blog from Draftec), the cleanliness of the beer line cannot be over-emphasized. Your friends at Draftec truly care about correct beer presentation and will always err on what the brewmaster intended for his or her beer. Beer lines which have been compromised through insufficient or inadequate cleaning will always risk off-flavors in the beer but will also chance negative effects on beer presentation.

A free sample of Draftec's beer line cleaner is available for professional line cleaners and beer distributors. To request a sample, please email us at or call us at (888) 226-8228.

Since beer bubbles are made up of proteins and hop resins (from the brewing materials) surrounding the dispensing beer gas (usually carbon dioxide but sometimes mixed gas for nitrogenated beers), contaminating microorganisms in the beer line can produce proteases which can quickly break down the beer foam and result in the beer being perceived as "flat" even if its carbon dioxide content is normal. Draftec, being properly formulated with caustic, surfactants, wetting and chelating agents will always clean the beer lines properly and, thereby, promote a lively display of bubbling and good head retention in the beer on tap.

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