New from Draftec - FlavoTec

In today’s increasing world of diverse beer styles and flavored beverages on tap, unwanted flavor carryover from beer to beer has become a serious risk, even after the brewmaster has thoroughly cleaned their beer lines.

Beer with grapefruit

Unwanted flavor carryover to the next beer on tap occurs because components of some added flavors form an intractable bond with the polymer components of the beer line.

Why risk having flavor carryover?

Fortunately, your friends at Draftec, the world’s most efficient beer line cleaner, have now proactively researched and created a new generation and safe beer line flavor remover, FlavoTec.

Used at 20 oz per gallon of water and circulated in the line for 15 minutes after line cleaning, FlavoTec from Draftec has been found to safely and effectively remove extraneous flavors, such as blueberry, ginger or root beer flavors, thereby avoiding any risks of flavor carryover to the next beer, even if it is a sensitive light lager.

Trust your beer lines to Draftec. Use FlavoTec from Draftec to guarantee your beer tastes exactly as the brewmaster intended.

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A free sample of Draftec's beer line cleaner is available for professional line cleaners and beer distributors. To request a sample, please email us at or call us at (888) 226-8228.