Never Have Unwanted Beer Lines Flavors Again

Our lives are blessed and plagued with volatile flavors; some of these flavors are highly desirable, and others not so much. In the world of beverages, we might find that root beer flavored sodas are lovely. However, if that flavor carries over to a regular light beer, this might become a totally undesirable experience.

citrus, ginger, and blueberry are common unwanted beer line flavors

Unfortunately, in the past, we have not necessarily been totally in control of eliminating unwanted flavors in our beverage lines simply because some unwanted flavors have a habit of literally "sticking around." We call this "binary adsorption equilibria," where flavor molecules can literally stick to line surfaces. Flavors with natural oils can sublimate on the line's surface and can be annoying in their ability to carry over to the next product.

Even after thorough line cleaning, some remnants of flavor compounds might still be able to contaminate the next beverage on tap. For the sensitive palate, these flavor contaminants can ruin the beverage on tap since the customer has a flavor expectation for the beverage that he or she has ordered.

Enter FlavoTec, the very first, totally safe, unique amorphous flavor remover only available from your friends at Draftec. This totally new invention will remove those unwanted flavor remnants, preventing any unwanted contamination of the subsequent product on tap, literally delighting your customer with the pure flavor of the beverage ordered.

You might be thinking…. Hang on. I just cleaned my beer lines. They are immaculate, so no flavor carryover is possible! Technically, that might be correct except that there are specific flavor molecules, like root beer, blueberry, or coriander (found naturally in Belgian White beers) that can be carried over to the next product.

As brewers, we can honestly say that the flavor of a low-calorie, low carbohydrate light beer will be ruined by flavors that carry over. Why risk a bad beverage experience when FlavoTec can guarantee your carryover flavors will be a thing of the past?

FlavoTec is in the final stages of development. Do you want to be the first to have beer lines free from unwanted residual flavors? Contact us today to be added to our waitlist. Email us at or call us at (888) 226-8228.